Full Circle Education Group

The education at St Bees reflects our partnership with the Full Circle Education Group, based in Shenzhen in the south of China. Full Circle comprises a growing number of schools which share the same educational philosophy. With experience of running one of the longest-established private schools in China with 4,000 pupils, Full Circle partners with different institutions with similar values to develop schools worldwide.

Full Circle’s vision embraces Fusion – integrating the best of Eastern and Western approaches to education. The expertise they have in school management provides partners with different perspectives of support, such as strategic development planning, school leadership, curriculum leadership, pastoral systems, operations management, as well as financial investment. The team of experts from multinational backgrounds seek to enrich education management with the wisdom of both worlds.

Full Circle believes in the power of integration, where a sense of common purpose provides the bridges between East and West and where we can, in understanding and humility, provide our children with an education which transcends national boundaries whilst preserving cultural integrity.

It is Full Circle’s mission to provide its partner schools with a ‘Fusion’ curriculum – hybrid programmes of study.  Through the shared Fusion curriculum, we aim for a free-flow of ideas and initiatives between our countries, providing partner programs in which UK pupils can study in China and Chinese pupils can access a truly British educational experience.  Full Circle’s educational approach is further developed through the binary fusion of academic attainment and character development which forms the core of this holistic approach.

The gradual development of character attributes in our pupils that results from this approach enables them to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world, where teamwork, leadership, independence, research skills, confidence, public speaking and debate, personal organization, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking will increasingly be in demand.

Opportunities for character development are woven into the fabric of both the academic curriculum and parallel curriculum for a challenging, rounded education.

St Bees stands amongst the oldest and most venerable schools in the world.  At its founding in 1583, Sir Francis Drake was circumnavigating the world and Shakespeare was 19 years old.  It has always espoused the holistic development of its pupils with an extensive pastoral care system in line with Archbishop Grindal’s original vision. Together, St Bees and Full Circle achieve an exceptional synergy that will power the relaunch of the school in September 2018.