Public Communication Aug 2016

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The Trustees of St Bees School met on Monday 25th July 2016 to review the viability of resurrecting education on the St Bees’ site, in alignment with Archbishop Grindal’s original vision. The aim of the review was to consider realistic and sustainable options for the future, and was conducted after receiving expressions of interest in response to The Times Educational Supplement advertisement, and following the results of a detailed due diligence on the finances of the school.

The Trustees now believe that the development of a viable, sustainable school is possible and they have committed the necessary funding to further explore the options identified. Three options have been identified for further review and development:

1. An independent school plus an independent international centre.
2. An independent school coupled with an international centre, in the form of partnership.
3. A reopening of the school in partnership with an existing UK school.

In the coming months, an independent school specialist will be contracted to examine and report on the viability of the options listed above, and to identify a schedule of activities required to re-establish education at St. Bees School.

The Board will, based on the recommendations in the report and other information gained during this period, make a decision on the reopening of the school. If the decision is positive the management of the schedule of activities will begin, and appointments of essential senior staff will be made.

In parallel with this activity, the Board will seek feedback and views from all key stakeholders, and continue with the aim to be as transparent and inclusive as possible in all developments.
In order to re-establish a viable and sustainable school, minimum pupil numbers must be attained. It is therefore imperative that possible prospective parents express their interest. You can make your interest known via the website, or direct to the school in full confidence at any time up to the drop-in event on 24th September, or join us on the day to find out more in the Business Management Centre. By expressing your interest, you are not making any binding commitment, but it will help the Trustees to make the best decisions at every stage.

As always, thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

The Trustees of St Bees School

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